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Staying social at a distance

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Even Cats Have Caught On

As we venture into uncharted territory and begin to practice virtual hugs, it is even more important to stay socially connected, particularly with our older family and community members who are living alone. We are rapidly getting grandma up to speed on how to use Facetime; replacing her gym workout with a daily walk around the block; upping the phone calls to say hello on a daily basis; supporting the grandchildren to call regularly; and replacing her long-held practice of paying bills in person with on line payments. We are wondering if a budgie might offer some company; and exploring a Netflix subscription for her. We are sharing recipes – particularly our favourite Spanish and Italian recipes (as it is likely that it will be some time before we get there again); and sharing a list of our favourite books. It is a time to focus on the simple pleasures in life, to stay calm, to keep in touch with loved ones, and keep up to date on COVID19 with the health department’s guidelines.

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