• Robyn Massey

Hospital in the Home … what a great alternative

2019 did not start well! An unexpected back operation followed by a bout of influenza A which turned into pneumonia and ongoing respiratory issues resulted in a relationship with the health sector like never before. And, while all of the health professionals I encountered were most helpful, by early April I’d had enough and a return visit to hospital was not a prospect I relished. In fact, I basically refused to go.

So, this was when my very understanding General Practitioner introduced me to ‘Hospital in the Home’. While I had heard of the concept, until this year my hardy constitution had done me proud and my visits to hospital had been largely limited to the production of 3 children and more recently, the odd colonoscopy, so I had little need of such a service.

Hospital in the Home is a service which enables people who may require hospital care, to receive the health services they require in the comfort of their own home. In my case it meant a daily visit by a nurse to administer intravenous antibiotics and to check my oxygen levels, blood pressure and other ‘vitals’. It also involved visits from a Hospital in the Home doctor who monitored my progress, supervised the nursing support and liaised with my GP. The care and support were excellent.

I found the service to be professional and thorough, while maintaining a friendly and informal approach. Importantly, for me it meant that I could sleep in my own bed, I could eat what and when I wanted, my family and friends could drop by at any time and I could wake up and go to bed when I wanted. I felt relaxed but also totally assured that I was receiving the care I required.

It also meant that I was not surrounded by other sick people sharing their germs and I was not subject to a hospital regime, receiving unnecessary and unwanted attention, and support that I could be provided at home.

Importantly, I was not taking up valuable bed space and nursing time ….and I was much less of a drain on an already stretched health system.

Hospital in the Home is a service I can thoroughly recommend. I was surprised to discover the range of medical services and conditions which can be treated successfully at home and I am convinced that my recovery was so much quicker because I was in familiar surroundings. I was also surprised to find that it is a totally free service.

Be sure to discuss Hospital in the Home with your GP if hospital is not your preferred option.

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