• Jenni Perkins

Enabling older Australians the dignity of living at home

Good to see the Federal budget provide for more home care packages to support older Australians to remain living at home as they age. Research shows that the preference and growing expectation of older Australians is that they receive the support they require to stay at home rather than move to residential care as they age. Baby boomers are now front and centre of the aged care system, as we are either supporting our parents navigate what is still a complex pathway, or we begin to enter the system ourselves. The shortfall in the supply of home care packages, particularly high care packages, is staggering – and one that is likely to grow, despite this current investment. More creative thinking is required in this space. Solutions are not just around the money – but establishing strong community and social networks, supporting families, and planning early. The right support at the right time can maximise an older person’s independence and quality of life, maintain their dignity and keep them connected and safe at home.

Live Well Longer provides practical resources, an online community to share stories and strategies and a consultancy service to provide more tailored information to help older Australians and their families navigate home care. The Live Well Longer resources and approach to planning have been developed to help older Australians and their families embrace a range of opportunities to remain engaged and supported at home in their communities as they age.