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Live Well Longer provides independent information to help navigate Australia's home care system and plan for the future, including seminars, individualised consultations, and free 

practical tips and strategiesplanning guide and community forum.

To help you navigate Australia's home care system and plan for the future become a Live Well Longer member to access 

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Live Well Longer resources help you to navigate the aged care system and explore what is possible.


Understanding Home Care in Australia (View now)

An overview of Australia’s aged care system including the processes to navigate to accessing government subsidised home care services.


Getting family on the same page

Simple steps to help families come together to support the planning process.


Considerations when choosing a home care provider

Tips to consider when choosing a Home Care Provider including useful questions to ask potential providers.


My Personal Record

A tool to store and share all the personal and administrative details when accessing aged care for older Australians.


When do I start planning – how do I recognise the signs?

An overview of when to start planning home support services and a useful tool to assess an individual’s frailty.

Considerations when accessing a government subsidised Home Care Package

Tips to consider when navigating the government processes associated with accessing a government subsidised Home Care Package.


Getting the most out of your subsidised Home Care Package

Provides an overview of what consumer directed care means, and how you can have choice and control over the services you receive.


Enduring Power of Attorney and other decision making provisions

Outlines some of the financial and legal provisions that can be put in place to assist with decision making and ensure the individual’s wishes are known.

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Live Well Longer is continuously adding new resources, become a member to access the complete set of

Live Well Longer resources


Having a plan can reduce crisis, alleviate anxiety, and help families to work together in line with the wishes and needs of their family member.

Live Well Longer Planning Approach

An overview of the Live Well Planning process. It includes guiding questions to help develop a clear plan for what is required to remain living at home.


Live Well Longer Plan Template

A blank template to be used to develop an initial plan and ongoing reviews


Join the Live Well Longer community forum to share ideas and experiences.


A personalised Live Well Longer Consultancy Session (1.5 hours, $300)
includes the following:

  • Tailored overview of the Aged Care system and government subsidised supports

  • Exploration of your situation and personal circumstances

  • Information on applying for government funded supports and services

  • Exploration of additional possibilities and support strategies.

  • Provision of planning resources.

Contact us to find out more about a Live Well Longer consultation.


Live Well Longer delivers a range of seminars to help demystify aged care at home, covering topics such as: 

  • how to navigate Australia’s aged care system to live at home 

  • the supports available 

  • practical resources to help plan 

  • how to get started on the home care journey  

  • tips and strategies to remain living at home. 


The Live Well Longer workplace seminar stream, designed to complement company wellness programs, provides a helpful guide for staff who may be increasingly required to help older family members navigate aged care.   


The Live Well Longer community seminar stream is targeted towards community groups, seniors and family members, as a part of our commitment to developing more inclusive and caring communities where people are supported to age at home. 

Contact us to find out more about Live Well Longer Seminars or email contact@livewelllonger.com.au