Hospital in the Home … what a great alternative

2019 did not start well! An unexpected back operation followed by a bout of influenza A which turned into pneumonia and ongoing respiratory issues resulted in a relationship with the health sector like never before. And, while all of the health professionals I encountered were most helpful, by early April I’d had enough and a return visit to hospital was not a prospect I relished. In fact, I basically refused to go. So, this was when my very understanding General Practitioner introduced me to ‘Hospital in the Home’. While I had heard of the concept, until this year my hardy constitution had done me proud and my visits to hospital had been largely limited to the production of 3 children and

Comparing apples with apples - the cost of home care

With the preferred choice of older people to remain living at home, more and more providers are entering the home care market. The number of providers approved to deliver government-subsidised home care packages reached 917 nationally in March – a massive increase of 42% over the last two years. While a key concern is the chronic shortage of home care packages (nearly 130,000 older Australians are waiting to receive a package at their approved level of care, with wait times of over 12 months), a common complaint is the excessive fees charged by some home care providers. Older people and their families have raised concerns about the lack of transparency around home care pricing, and the diff

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