The peril of not having an enduring power of attorney

Planning for the future includes making provision for the possibility of reduced decision-making capacity, be it the result of cognitive decline, the onset of dementia, or incapacitation due to illness or accident. Forward planning, and putting in place appropriate legal provisions can help ensure your wishes are understood and decisions about your care, finances and how you live are made by people that you trust. An enduring power of attorney enables you to appoint one or two trusted people to make financial decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated. This allows the appointed person or people of your choice to access your bank accounts; pay bills and undertake property transa

Choosing the right home care provider

Increasingly the preferred choice of older people is to remain living at home as they age, leading to a boom in the home care business. More and more providers are entering the market, which now includes large for-profit businesses, traditional non-government providers and emerging small businesses. While this is providing more choice for older people and their families, some providers are using pushy techniques to sign up new clients, including door-to-door sales, and it can be confusing knowing how to choose the best provider to suit your particular needs. Whether you are looking for a provider for your government subsidised Home Care Package, or seeking to privately purchase services, do

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