Staying at home as we age – start planning now!

Current research indicates that most people want to remain living at home as they age. This certainly applies to baby boomers who are often reluctant to contemplate the impact of ageing and the possibility that their current lifestyle and independence may change into the future. 60 is after all the new 50! However, denial is not a sustainable strategy. It is inevitable that our needs will change as we age and it is highly likely that we will need some additional support as we age. Unless we have a clear vision for what we want life to be like and a clear plan for making it happen, circumstances may overtake us and someone else will end up making the decisions …. decisions that do not neces

Christmas time - looking out for warning signs that extra help might be needed

As families come together at Christmas it is often the first time that family members have the opportunity to observe warning signs that an older family member is becoming frail and may need some extra help. It may be that they have lost weight or you notice the fridge has no food in it or is full of uneaten or spoiled food. There may be piles of unopened mail and unpaid bills. The house may not be as clean or tidy as what it usually is or the garden, generally meticulously maintained, is overgrown. There may be new or unexplained dents on the car or scrapes on the garage wall or fence, suggesting that their driving skills are declining. You might notice that your parent has difficulty getti

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