Staying Organised on the Aged Care Journey

When my parents started their aged care journey a couple of years ago, I offered to help. I was completely unprepared for the complexity of Australia’s aged care system. I spent hours on hold waiting to speak to government call centre staff; became frustrated with the often-contradictory advice provided; bemused by the acronyms and bureaucratic language used by the industry; and amazed at the long wait times for accessing government aged care assessments and subsidised government home care packages. One of the key lessons that I soon learnt was to be organised! Navigating Australia’s aged care system generates an enormous amount of administrative paperwork and personal reference details. Eve

Balancing dignity and risk - broaching the need for help with our parents as they age

How often do you hear friends say ‘I am worried about mum and dad but they won’t accept any help’? One of the most difficult discussions to have with our parents is when we are worried they may not be coping at home and may need some help. Ideally, you have had a discussion early on about what your parent’s goals and plans are for when they are older – where they see themselves living; the sort of support they might need. If you haven’t had this discussion, maybe it is time to broach the subject now so that it might be easier in the future. When my mother was starting to find the cleaning a chore and getting a bit forgetful, I remember chatting with her about the possibility of home help

Recognising when help might be needed

No-one wants to lose their independence, and it can be difficult to consider the possibility that as we age we may need help. It often rests on family members to recognize the signs that an older family member might need support at home. It can be hard to decide when to start the conversation, or when there may be a need to seek medical help to assess if there are underlying health issues contributing to a change in behaviour. Warning signs that an older person living at home may need help, include: · changes in eating habits resulting in missed meals and weight loss · neglecting personal hygiene and grooming · a change in behaviour – exhibiting paranoia, becoming agita

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